You have heard about SureSwatch but now you need to know where to buy them.  SureSwatch can be found in-store or online.  Try our store locator to find a retailer near you.  Always feel free to contact us directly and we can assist you with availability.

Our retail partners believed in our product and were excited to carry it in their stores for you to buy.  SureSwatch can be found at large stores like, The Home Depot or your local independent retailers, like Ace Hardware, True Value or Do-It Best.  Check the store locator for a store new you.

SureSwatch was invented to help decide with the question…will that color work in my home?   But we took it a step further and made sure that you could test your colors easily and confidently.  The low tack adhesive makes for easy removability after testing your color.  And the product is as accurate as painting on the wall directly.

Use SureSwatch to confirm or reject your paint colors with ease


SureSwatch is sold in a convenient 3-pack since most people try between 2 – 5 colors on their wall. Each sheet is 9” x 12”. The low tack adhesive makes it easy to remove leaving no mess on the wall.  

Other sizes are available online, including a 15-pack or a 50-pack.  And for those of you who need an even bigger size try our 27″ x 38″ size.

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