Tips for Choosing Paint Colors for Bedrooms


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There are many factors to consider when choosing the right paint colors for bedrooms. If you already have bedroom furniture, you probably want to make sure that your walls coordinate with what you have. If you have a chair, area rug, or bedspread that you love, pull colors from the fabric. An accent color on your bedspread may make the perfect paint color for the bedroom.

painting bedroom


When picking paint colors for bedrooms, ask yourself what your goal is. Do you want a soft, calming, subtle room? If so, stick with unsaturated, natural hues: natural greens, tans, pale blues. These colors are found close to each other on the color wheel and produce a mellow and serene effect when used together.

If you want a more exciting, contemporary look, consider using a complimentary color palette. This means choosing colors from opposite sides of the color wheel: green and red, blue and orange, yellow and purple. A great way to accomplish this is through the use of both paint and accessories. For example, if your bedspread is white with large purple flowers, a beautiful and complimentary paint color for the bedroom walls would be a sage green. The sage green of the walls will really make the purple of the flowers pop.

When choosing paint colors for bedrooms, it is usually advisable to save the bold and bright colors for your accents. A bright pink may look great when used in a couple of throw pillows and in a vase on your nightstand. Painting your walls bright pink, however, is another story. A bold color on the walls will likely be too energetic, even shocking, in a bedroom.

There are many ways to test paint colors for bedrooms before making a commitment. Contact us for information on a simple and accurate method for testing out paint colors before taking the plunge!

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