Press Room: Selecting Paint Colors

New Product, SureSwatch™ Takes the Guess Work Out of Choosing the Best Paint Colors

SureSwatch is available nationwide at all Home Depot stores. SureSwatch is here to help with the difficult decision of selecting paint colors.

Invented by two Clevelanders, the product helps you try-on paint colors before painting by having the consumer paint on a 9” X 12” piece of flexible, clear material that can be placed on the wall to view the color choices. SureSwatch is a low-tack, adhesive backed clear film that removes easily from typical wall surfaces.

“There are no surprises,” said Jamie Peltz,co-creator of the product. “The old way of painting on the wall or on a piece of cardboard or plastic material and then holding it up to the wall never really gave you the exact color interpretation of how the color would be after you actually painted the wall.”

Selecting paint colors for your home has never been easier.

With SureSwatch the clear film you paint on shows exactly how the new color will appear when applied over your existing wall color.

With SureSwatch and its attached Primer Decider™ Scale you are also able to test the paint for covering power and select the right shade of primer to achieve the truest color by either deciding to do additional layers of paint or apply a shade of gray primer to the wall first.

“Many people don’t realize using a primer with a bright, vibrant colors can cut down on the amount of paint to use to achieve the rich color that you selected from the manufacturer’s color chip,” said Robert Golownia, paint scientist and co-inventor.”

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