How to Find the Right Colors for Your Space


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Wall Color Ideas

If you are just starting to decorate your room, it’s time to think about what wall colors you are going to use for your living room or bedroom. Learning color theory is a good way to help you pull off the ambiance you are looking to feel. There’s a lot to it, but here are two wall color ideas to get you started.

To create a warming feeling for your room, use warm colors such as orange, gold and brown. The subtlety of these colors creates a comforting feeling and can be used day or night. Try to stray away from bright shades of red or orange as it can be overwhelming at times.

Cool tones will relax the room, using colors such as blue, gray, and violet. This paint idea would best be used for the bedroom where you would sleep, or a living room where it’d be used in the evening.

Sure Swatch can help you find the right color for your room. They will supply you with color swatches to assist you in creating the right mood for each space. You can find color swatches at the Home Depot today.



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