No Disappointments When You Test Paint Colors!
“Over the years, my painting projects start out with me being excited and then disappointed with my color choices never being 100% of what I had in mind. With Sure Swatch, I am able to get total accuracy without painting and repainting the wall. This is a life saver!”

Just a homeowner, Cleveland, OH

Happy Colors & Happy Couplewall paint colors for the kitchen
“You have saved my marriage. With Sure Swatch, the husband and wife painting team finally can decide that it will take 6 coats of paint to get theright color or by using the Primer Decider use a grey primer and get the red we really want with just 2 coats of paint. We have saved time, money and a lot of arguing.”

Mr. & Mrs. Happy Colors, Detroit, MI

No Unsightly Paint Testers on my Walls When I Test Paint Colors
“No more unsightly paint swatches painted directly on my wall. I painted my Sure Swatch, put it on my wall and removed with ease. No priming or prep to cover up my test squares.”

John D., Chicago, IL

Saving Time & Money
“We were selling our house and needed to repaint in the bedrooms, kitchen and living room. We were unsure of which colors to choose and having the ability to test our colors with the Sure Swatch saved us a great deal of time and money.”

Jeanne C., Austin, TX

complementary colors for the living roomNo More Beige for Me
“Sure Swatch gave me the confidence to paint a room something different than beige. Having the ability to try-on a variety of colors prior to painting gave me the confidence to know that I was making the right decision.”


Satisfied, Happy Clients
“The Sure Swatch is a great tool for working with my clients. Having the ability to show them painted Sure Swatches on a wall really shows how the room will be coordinated!”

Interior Designer

Prime Decider Saves Us When We Test Paint Colors

red paint for the living room “When our daughter wanted her room painted a bright fire engine red, we were expecting to have to buy 8 gallons of paint to get the rich deep color she was so excited about. By using the Primer Decider we found out that using a dark grey primer first could get us to the color with just 2 gallons of paint. Thank you for a great invention!”

Bill V., Miami, FL


Interested in paint ideas for the bedroom? Your bedroom is the safe haven of your home. Painting it the right color can make or break the entire look and feel of your bedroom. Learn about what colors work best with what you have and find out what to avoid in order to make sure that you won’t make a mess of it with the wrong shades or patterns.