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Our Idea for Choosing the Right Paint Color

Paint sample colors on wall
Like many of us who decide to paint a room and are unsure of the color to select, we pick up several testers of paint at the store and return home trying to decide where to paint the sample in a living room, bedroom or other room. Choosing the right paint color can be a messy situation if you decide to paint directly on the wall and an even bigger project if you decide to get a piece of plasterboard or large white cardboard to paint out the color sample. (Unless the wall to be painted is already white, testing paint colors on a white material can create a false positive of the color choice.)


entrepreneurs jamie peltz and bob golowniaInventors Jamie Peltz and Robert Golownia, who both have extensive backgrounds in product development, came up with the idea of creating an easy-to-use Color Decider and named it Sure Swatch™. The idea started after watching consumers paint and gaining a clear understanding of their pain points in choosing the right color.



     Paint Colors for Living Room, Bedroom

“It has been our experience that what starts out as a fun project with a spouse or significant other, turns into a nightmare and arguments once the paint has dried,” said Jamie. “You just don’t realize that painting over an existing wall color sometimes results in a muddled appearance. With Sure Swatch, you are painting on a clear material that will accurately show how the new paint will look over the existing paint color.”

Since leaving a major paint manufacturer, Bob has continued to pursue his love of science and chemistry and work to develop asure swatch for choosing paint colors variety of new product concepts. He developed Sure Swatch to give consumers a tool for an accurate indication of what the color on your wall would be without painting the wall.

“We wanted to develop a “testing tool” that would increase color accuracy and customer satisfaction,” said Bob. “We are also able to take the guess work out of how many coats of paint will be needed because on Sure Swatch, you are able to layer the paint to achieve the color density you want or select a primer to get you there faster.”

In their trial sessions with Sure Swatch, participants said that being able to remove the paintable clear film after looking at the color on the wall was a big plus. The consumer doesn’t have to live with paint samples on their walls weeks before the project actually starts.

The team feels that Sure Swatch also makes painting more enjoyable for everyone involved by lessening the surprise factor and aggravation of having to live with a color that really wasn’t what you thought it would be.

Sure Swatch makes color deciding and painting a lot more fun!


Interested in choosing living room paint colors? The living room is usually the most popular room in the house where the family spends most of its time together. That’s why picking the right paint color when painting this room is so important. Learn how to select the right color to go with your furniture, the amount of light in the room and the general vibe that you want to achieve.